1 2 3… Little Steps! For A Tailored Fitness Program

It’s never easy to figure out which exercise program is best for you. One of the reasons is because infomercials distort reality, and make us think we need more than we actually do. What I mean by that is: less than 5% body fat, solid muscle, eight pack abs, butt of steel, etc., is something which can only be accomplished by practically killing yourself.

Part of the reason that makes them so successful at getting us to buy into their philosophy, is that we don’t really think about how we’d like to look, in a realistic fashion. All we think about is getting in shape but we don’t honestly think about what kind of shape we want to be in or how to get the desired shape. So, when we see these guys in the commercials, we naturally think that this is what being healthy and being in shape looks like.

Robots Hit The Gym

But the fact is, being healthy and in good shape has nothing to do with infomercials. It’s simply eating right, staying within the prescribed weight range for your age and height, and exercising 30 minutes a day. When I say “exercising”, I’m not talking about practically killing yourself, I’m talking about getting in 2-3 days of aerobics, and 2-3 days of resistance training. That’s all it takes.

So, here are some tips for choosing the best exercise program for you. Grab yourself a writing pad and get ready to note it all down.

1. How do you want your body to look? The best way to decide this is to stand naked in front of a mirror (of course when you’re alone i.e). Look at yourself from the front, the back, and from the side. Talk about motivation! What changes would you like to make in your body, and be realistic. For the females out there, if you’re big-boned, please don’t imagine  yourself as being a small boned woman. That is not the way its supposed to work.

2. Now you know what you want, make a list of all the sports activities you’ve loved over the years. Don’t miss anything. Did you play basketball, or just loved to shoot hoops? Tennis? Volleyball? Martial Arts? Bowling?

What about non-sports stuff like dancing, jumping rope,  walking or aerobic videos?

Why are we doing this? Because, finding something you’ve always loved to do, is the key to finding the right program.

3. Decide on the difficulty level. Are they challenging enough? Do they help you to meet your fitness goals? Is it a mixture of resistance training and aerobics?

Whatever you decide, at least you now know, that you have a set platform on which you can build further. So the next time you come across any phony ads tempting you to buy something that’s more than you need to meet your goals – you’ll be able to say NO and save a lot of money in the process.

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