15 Amazing Tea Trends For Health

Who Doesn’t Love Tea?

Over the last two decades, we’ve seen a rise in numerous new diet trends. One of these diet trends has been an increase in tea consumption. This is in part to the marketing of detox teas and different tea therapies.

On the contrary, this drink has been popular for a while. In fact, tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Not just in China either, most countries in Asia and Europe are tea-lovers.

Why is this?

Well, aside from the great taste, tea has some great health benefits. These can include everything from boosting heart health to improving brain function.

So, we decided to put together a list of 15 amazing tea trends that shine light on the benefits of tea.


1. Tea Drinking Has Been Shown To Help Prevent Cancer

Cancer is one of the biggest killers worldwide. So, this benefit is no small fete. Tea drinkers have been shown in studies to have a lower risk of cancer. This effect is so consistent that green tea is recognized as a cancer preventative in Japan.

So, taking in your morning cup of tea may help stave off one of the most common diseases in the world.

2. Tea Drinking Can Help Weight Loss

Sticking closely to cancer, obesity is also one of the biggest killers worldwide. It’s​ also a rising problem in many countries. Luckily, tea drinkers also have an easier time avoiding this issue.

Regular tea drinking can help both weight loss and help maintain​ loss over the long-term. So, including some tea could go a long way if you’re on a diet.

3. Tea Drinking Can Help Lower Cholesterol

The health benefits continue with tea drinking also helping fight plaque build up. Weight will naturally help lower your cholesterol. But, tea drinking can also directly lower cholesterol. This gives tea drinkers a lot less to worry about in terms of heart health and another reason to love it.

4. Tea Drinking Can Help Fight Inflammation

Inflammation can cause a lot of problems. Increased weight gain, aging and reduced recovery for athletes are just some of the problems associated with inflammation. While acute inflammation can actually be good for the recovery process, more serious forms of inflammation can deter the healing process.

Furthermore, some of the compounds in tea are great for fighting this inflammation and protecting cell health. This helps slow down any formations that cause cell damage and consequently boosting recovery and promoting weight loss.

5. Tea Drinking Can Lower Blood Pressure

Through its effects on cholesterol and heart disease, see below, tea is rapidly becoming known as a heart healthy drink. This is further helped by studies that show tea drinkers to have lower blood pressure than non-tea drinkers, which promotes a more safe and healthy life.

So, before choosing drugs to help your high blood pressure, consider some tea and exercise first.

6. Tea Drinking Can Help Prevent Heart Disease

From reading the above, this trend should come as no surprise. Those who are regular tea drinkers have fewer heart attacks, blood clots and heart deterioration than non-drinkers. So, those looking to improve their cardiovascular health should look to tea when choosing a drink with food.

7. Tea Drinking Can Help Increase Fat Burning

Possibly due to the caffeine in it, drinking tea regularly can also raise the amount of fat your body burns. This will make sure that the weight you lose is due to fat and not the healthier muscle tissue that can be sacrificed during dieting.

This makes tea a good choice for those looking to tone up and improve their physique.

8. Tea Drinking Can Improve Brain Function

Along with the physical perks, tea drinking can also carry some powerful mental benefits. These include boosting cognitive function and the quality of life of elderly people. So, many elderly or middle aged people should consider taking up tea drinking for extra health.

9. Tea Drinking May Help Protect Your Mental Health

Tea drinkers may not just have more brain power. They also might benefit from greater mental longevity. Studies show that drinking tea may help stave off mental illness such as dementia or Alzheimer’s and help keep your brain fresh as you age.

This is another reason many elderly people may want to consider tea drinking as a new diet trend.

10. Tea Drinking Can Help Protect Liver Health

Another organ that benefits from regular tea consumption is the liver. Some studies show that drinking tea can help prevent liver diseases and can help protect the liver from damage. This could be due to it’s beneficial effect on cholesterol.

This perk, along with it’s caffeine content, makes tea a good hangover drink to include in your diet after a rough night.

11. Tea Drinking May Help Improve Your Mood

For those who aren’t morning people, tea can have a beneficial impact on mood. This is again likely due to its caffeine content.  This can increase alertness, vigor, and could help prevent some arguments from breaking out during the day.

12. Tea Drinking May Help Protect Against Diabetes

The antioxidants, caffeine, and catechins in tea has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity. This helps promote the use of blood sugar and helps protect against developing diabetes later in life.

Considering this is a disease closely linked to obesity, this gives tea some extra weight for improving health for overweight individuals.

13. Tea Drinking Can Help Boost Attention And Academic Performance

Losing focus on what you are doing is an easy way to let your performance in a test slip. It can also be the reason you dropped a grade in your paper. Fortunately, tea drinkers will hold an advantage over non-drinkers.

Those who regularly drink tea have been shown to be able to maintain focus which can lead to better academic performance. So, college students may want to consider taking some tea between study breaks if they want to improve test marks and grades.

14. Tea Drinking Has Many Of The Benefits Of Coffee Without The Drawbacks

As a coffee lover, this fact hurt. One study showed that tea can offer the same benefits as coffee. Namely, increasing mood and cognitive function. However, unlike coffee, tea showed no disruption of sleep patterns after consumption.

So, for those who find it difficult to sleep with coffee, they may want to consider switching to tea for a better night’s sleep.

15. Tea Drinking Can Help Reduce Stress And Promote Relaxation

Along with fighting inflammation and improving mental health, regular tea drinking can also fight stress. This comes from a promotion of relaxation with regular consumption of the beverage.

This could be a contributing reason why some of the above benefits are gained from drinking tea. It also provides further evidence behind why tea drinking sits on top of the rising diet trends for health.

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