The 3 Best Exercises To Give You Wings

Wings aren’t just for birds and angels. If you really want get that v-shape upper torso, you need to burn your lats. Here are 3 exercises that will help you build bigger lats:

1. Wide Grip Pull-Ups

    • Grip as wide as you can
    • Pull yourself up
    • Don’t use the gravitron pull-up machine
    • Have someone to hold you up or use an assistance band if needed

2. Bent Over Barbell Row

  • With feet shoulder width apart, bend your knees slightly and bring your torso forward while keeping your back straight
  • Grab the bar with a wide overhand grip
  • Bring the bar up to your lower chest
  • At top, squeeze your back muscles

3.  Straight-Arm Cable Pull Down

  • Keep your torso straight
  • Keep your arms straight and move them up and down
  • Go slow on the way up

These are the 3 important exercises that you must incorporate in your workout in order to get that v-shape torso and let your wings spread. 😉

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