3 Exercises to Avoid Landing Your ‘Back’ in Trouble

As we enter the new millennia, where technology has crept up on all aspects of our lives, it has taken its toll on the body too. So to overcome, the effects that technology has had on our health in general, people all across the world have started hitting the gym with a bang. But over-enthusiasm on the part of some, has landed them flat on their ‘backs’ and here’s how:

Good Mornings With Excess Weights

This exercise is a classic case of fanaticism on the part of the doer. While the exercise can bear great results if done with just the free weights, people in their eagerness to have a shapely back end up adding weights to the bar. The end result is however, not so fruitful as back problems, especially lower back pain turns ugly and a visit to the doctor becomes a necessity.

Good Morning

Adding to the woes, is the fact that once injured, you could seriously hamper your chances of expanding your range of exercises. In such a case, starting from scratch becomes an inevitability. So, cutting this exercise out from your list, till you become a pro, makes more sense.

Lat Pull Down Behind The Neck

This one’s a no-brainer, this back exercise can become a recipe for disaster in the future. Its biggest downside, is the fact that it puts tremendous pressure not only on the back, but also on the neck. Beginners, especially the youth, with raging hormones are quite attracted towards this exercise because of its sheer masochistic appeal and understandably so, but what they fail to see, is the drawbacks attached to it. With various factors, like the weight being lifted, to the posture and finally the bearing capacity of the individual. Weights or no-weights, doing away with this exercise can benefit you to no end.

Lat Pull Down Behind The Neck

It is advisable to do the conventional lat pull downs, as it targets the various back muscles and puts less pressure on the lower back and the neck, which eventually should be your aim while doing any back exercise.

Pull Ups Behind The Neck

Much the same as the lat pull downs behind the neck, this exercise too can be a real pain in the neck. People rarely understand the benefits or the lack of it while doing this exercise, as conventional pull-ups end up working with the same set of muscles as this exercise and with less strain on the neck. So unless and until you are into serious bodybuilding, it’s in the best interest of your body to abstain yourself from doing it.
Pull Ups Behind The Neck

A healthy back, is like a fortress on which the kingdom of your body rests and shunning these 3 exercises can go a long way in ensuring that your fortress isn’t breached for a long long time.

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