3 Inner Thigh Exercises That Will Get Your Muscles Sore To The Point Of Satisfaction

It is a well known fact that the legs are probably the most neglected areas of the body, when it comes to working out. But, even if some of the conscious populace work hard on their lower body, they often miss out on working those inner thighs. We see that you are nodding your head on that one.

Now, that you are in agreement with us, you’d also like the exercises to be fun and of various forms. This is precisely what we are going to give you.  (Caution: Fun doesn’t mean easy.)

1. Cossack squat

This is one exercise that has been there for ages and yet has been used very little. It is extremely effective, but has gone unnoticed because of the gym revolution and all the machines around.

But, we say old is gold and so, we’ll get you to trim those bulky inner thighs the old fashioned way.

Procedure: Take a wide stance, your feet should ideally be a foot apart from the line of your shoulder. Raise your arms in front of you, this helps stabilize the body during the squat motion. Now, squat on one side, going as low as possible and stretching the other foot. Remember to keep the toe of the flexed foot pointing upwards.

Raise yourself slowly and get to the starting point. Repeat the same procedure for the other side. About 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps are ideal.

2. Inner thigh blaster

Another seemingly nonchalant exercise, but highly useful on the effectiveness index. It does wonders to the strength of the inner thigh. Women and men can additionally benefit from this as it can double up as a modification of the Kegel exercise.

Procedure: Spread your feet apart so that they are in line with the shoulder. Now, take the support of a bench or a chair and rest your preferred hand on it. Then, place a ball between your thighs and slowly balance yourself on the balls of the feet.

Placing the other hand on the thigh, slowly do an imaginary wall squat. Bend, only an inch and not go the whole way, pressing the ball all along. Rise back up and get to the initial position, raise the hand on your thigh and squeeze the ball once again. Do at least 2 sets of 15 reps.

3. Ball leg lifts

An exercise ball is a good way to add dynamism to the exercise regime. Particularly if you have been fed up with the usual course of actions. It hits varying points and muscle groups which adds to the strength and improves balance.

Procedure: Lie on the side of the body. Keep one arm stretched in line with your body and the other placed in front of you resting on the floor for balance purposes. Your head should rest on the outstretched arm to avoid strain on the neck.

Place the large exercise ball in between both the legs. Hold it firmly and lift your legs up towards the ceiling using only the lower body. Hold the pose for a couple of seconds and return to the starting position. Challenge yourself to complete a minimum of 20 reps at one go.

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