3 Healthy Activities To Turn A New Leaf In The Life Of Housewives

There is a lot of chatter going around among men about how their wives often lose their charm and shape once they become house wives. While some observations can be a bit over the top, few others need to be addressed and can be done easily if few activities can be included in their daily routine. So ladies… without further adieu, let’s check them out and get back the much desired shape.

Drop your children to school on a bike

A bike is always a healthy option and one that has always been recommended by health enthusiasts since time immemorial. But, the tragedy lies in the fact that ladies, often in their time crunch opt for the not so healthier option (read car). Two seater bikes have been long forgotten, but you could bring it back in vogue by dropping your children off to school. Not only will it burn the much needed calories, but also increase the mother child bonding. Toned legs and a healthy heart are but a few other benefits. Now, seriously, which child wouldn’t want a cool and sporty mom like that, eh?

Mom and son cycling

Give your car the much needed wash

This activity is not just healthy it is way too sexy… without a shred of a doubt. It is probably every man’s fantasy and for good reason too. An average car wash session lasts for about an hour and it burns approximately 210 calories. So, taking the time out to do this activity can not only help to get yourself a svelte figure but will also help to rekindle the romance which had lost a bit of steam in recent times. (Warning: You might want to exercise a little constraint with your partner while doing this, if you don’t exactly intend to be the talk of the neighborhood.)

Mother washing car

Do a bit of gardening

They say “Where Flowers Bloom So Does Hope” and if you were to take that quote word for word there’s hope left for you too. Gardening can be a little tough at the start, but once you get a hang of it, it can be highly addictive. The time spent shovelling, lifting the mud and trimming leaves can result in a solid workout for the upper body especially the arms and the core. Another benefit of this activity is that it increases the VO2 level. The mental satisfaction achieved after setting up a garden cannot be ignored and is probably the biggest profit.


Now that I’ve shared these little gems with you, you can do yourself a favor by inculcating them in your daily routine and get rid of those love handles for good.

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