3 Pick-Up Strategies For The Gym That Actually Work

Whoever said going to the gym is JUST for working on that thigh gap, right?

Since the dawn of time (well, not really, but sometime after), the gym has been one of the hottest places to pick up dates. Naturally, le gays are absolutely ruling the domain in its right, but, in all truth – straights aren’t so far from making it work, either.

If you’ve got your predatory instincts set to your fellow gym mate and yet – you aren’t sure what to do to get them to notice you, we are giving you a 3 pick-up strategy tutorial, for both girls and guys.

Sit tight, clench that bicep and read on:

For Guys

Check Her Out

… but don’t be a brute about it. Keeping often (but not creepy) eye contact followed by an occasional smile or the old I-accidentally-brushed-against-you trick works every time. It doesn’t hurt if you are wearing attractive and manly gym clothes that emphasize all of your assets while at the same time keeping you casually dressed. If she is walking around the gym or somewhere close to you, show her your interest by glancing her way from time to time. Spark up a conversation when she reaches for a particular piece of equipment but you *know* she’d be better off using another one. Whatever, as long as she is clear that you are dropping hints.

Correct Her Form

When you see your gym crush doing an exercise in a wrong way, be her knight in shiny (i.e. sweaty) armor (i.e. T-shirt) and casually drop by her station to correct her form. Be cool about it, nothing too intense. “Hey, why don’t you try doing it this way instead of that way – you’ll get better effect if you only switch this up”… naturally, you’ll be touching her (in a non-invasive way) while showing her what to do. What girl on Earth doesn’t remember a guy who helped her out! Awesome, right?

Race her

If you’ve already got the vibe sparkling, it’s time you took things to a bit more interactive level. Offer your eager gym crush to race her in the exercises she’s doing to motivate her and, supposedly, “challenge her to see how good she really is”. Naturally, you’ll let her win and if you see she’s all jolly and enjoys interacting with you, drop a cheesy line like “Ok, now you’ve got to buy me a drink for defeating me”… or something even more corny. But, it’ll work!

For Girls

Pretend You Can’t Do It

Poor you, little you… you just can’t seem to figure out the way that incline bench press works, right? Tisk… tisk…

Personally, you know you’re killing it (and that you’re probably stronger than half the guys at the gym), but your crush doesn’t have to know it, too. Guys are very… easy to persuade and they love a piece of a damsel in distress. Play innocent and pretend you need help. Go puppy eyes on your crush and include some flattery like “Look how amazing you look, you must’ve done this exercise a million times… care to teach?” He’ll melt.

Keep Eye Contact Alive And Touch Him Often

Eye contact is how to get a guy to notice you – if you play it right, that is. Implementing all other tricks makes seductive eye contact a cherry on top of all gym flirtation. Glance his way as often as you can and then go shy-little-blushing-girl on him. No guy has ever resisted a shy smile, no matter how pumped with steroids he is. If you notice he isn’t looking back, though – don’t push it. You don’t want to be branded crazy or creepy.

Come Pampered

Men are, well, superficial. They love a tight yoga spanx with a thong under, they adore some décolletage and a shirt that either reveals shoulders or has one of the shoulder sides “accidentally” falling off constantly. To seduce your gym alpha, come to the gym with your hair clean, your brows and lashes brushed out and clothes that emphasize all that will make him drool.

Girls and guys, sorry for the superficiality… life’s truths, musts and all that.

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