3 Ways To Drink Alcohol Without Gaining Weight

You’ve heard of a beer belly. Now meet the tequila diet! Although no alcohol leads directly to weight loss — it’s a lot of liquid sugar after all — here are your three smartest choices.

1. Tequila

Think your margarita with stevia is healthier than a straight-up shot? Think again!

You can lose weight drinking tequila. Research suggests that the agavins, a form of natural sugar that’s found in the Mexican liquor, are better than artificial sweeteners and may help you shed the pounds. That’s because they’re not metabolized by the body and so can’t spike your glucose levels — meaning you’re going to crave less and shed pounds.

Great news! So have a serving, but try to keep it to just one, okay? 😁

2. Red Wine

A glass of red wine can help with your weight loss efforts. Recent Oregon State research revealed that the dark red grapes that are found in some types of red wine, like a Pinot noir, can help people manage obesity. Thanks to a chemical called elegiac acid. This chemical slows down the growth of fat cells and stops new ones from being created which boost the metabolism of fatty acids in your liver cells. Isn’t it awesome?

3. Vodka

This alcoholic drink can improve blood circulation and helps more collateral vessels develop which helps connect the heart to the lungs. Among healthy alcohols it’s the clear favorite. 😜

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