The 5 Golden Rules of Running

People spend more and more time sitting at their workplaces, inside their homes, and in different means of transportation. This sedentary lifestyle causes serious health issues. To put this trend to an end, local and national authorities across the world have launched campaigns to inspire people to walk and run more. However, before they hit the track, it is necessary to pay attention to some important rules when running.

Run Slowly For A Smooth Start

The biggest mistake running newbies often make is forcing themselves to run faster than they actually can. Nobody should do anything that exceeds their ability.  People that haven’t ran for a while should make an easy start as well. If new runners are able to speak as they move, then that is the right pace for  amateur runners. Such a pace is perfect for regaining physical shape and self-confidence.

Take Deep Breaths

If it is cold outside, it is better to breathe the air mostly through the nose when you are running. . It reduces the risk of getting a sore throat, or exposing your lungs to the potentially harmful air. However, in normal weather conditions, runners should take the air through their mouth and nose, simultaneously. This technique will provide a sufficient amount of air for the muscles. Moreover, it also minimizes the possibility of side stitches; this feeling of pain below the ribs often makes some runners stop their running session. If repetitive, they can even demotivate runners from continuing with their routine.

rules of running

Choose Proper Running Shoes

Corporate workers usually spend their workdays in elegant shoes. If their job includes a lot of walking or standing, their feet will become very sensitive and painful. Once they touch the running track, the feeling might be pretty unpleasant. Luckily, today joggers have hundreds of running shoes at their disposal. They only need to learn how to choose the right running shoes that suit their physical condition and running needs. Remember that trying to save money on the equipment for running might end with a serious injury. That is why it is advisable to buy only high-quality products for running.

Hydrate As You Run

If you have ever seen a marathon, or any other long-distance race, you must have noticed that runners drink water as they run. It goes without saying that running causes sweating, so we lose water, vitamins, minerals, and salts when we run. Amateur joggers have to carry a bottle of water, or any sort of a new drink, that will help them revitalize their body during or after their training sessions. Of course, sodas and drinks with a lot of sugar should be avoided before, during, after the training and in general.

Be Careful With Food

Those who have been neglecting their bodies for years often want to speed up things. Actually, this is both wrong and dangerous. If you want to get back into shape, it will demand patience and time. For instance, enthusiastic runners might completely give up carbohydrates, thinking that it will accelerate the fat-losing process. They eat only fiber – or protein-rich foods, and then very soon they start feeling weak or even faint. Carbohydrates have to be consumed before running, and the amount depends on the intensity and duration of the session. Here you can read more about eating habits and running.

The body is a great companion, but it always punches back if we do not treat it in a proper way. Moderate running is the most successful technique for curbing the vengeful nature of the body, and increasing the quality of living.

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