6 Household Chores To Burn Maximum Calories (In An Hour Or Less)

How would you like to burn 250 calories in an hour, or may be more, and have a sparkling clean house afterward? You can if you see the hidden activity opportunity in housework. You’ll also use most, if not all, of your major muscle groups – in your arms, legs, torso, and back. Here are some ways to maximize the burn:

1. Don’t Just Wait; Do Something

Instead of pausing while the microwave heats something or waiting for the washer or dryer to finish a cycle, do squats or push-ups against a wall first or second floor of your house or jog lightly in place.

2. Get A Chinese Cleaver

These big knives, favored by chefs due to their heft and sharp blades, weigh more than almost any other kitchen knife, and therefore, you’ll burn more calories every time you wield one instead of a puny vegetable knife. And you just might feel like an Iron Chef.

3. Cook As If It’s 1904

Chop veggies by hand instead of in the food processor, whip eggs with a fork or whisk, mix cake batter with a big spoon instead of the mixer, dig out your manual can opener and get rid of electrical model, and if you have time, wash and dry the dishes by hand. Use a cast-iron skillet – it’s heavy! You’ll get a bonus workout if you store it in a cabinet and lift it up to the stove each time you plan to use it.

4. Scrub It

Washing floors by hand – the very old-fashioned way, on your knees – works your arms, back, and abdominal muscles. Just be sure to keep your tummy muscles tight so they help support your back.

5. Chew Gum While You’re Working

The simple act of moving your jaws uses up about 11 calories per hour.

6. Bake Bread Once A Week

Kneading dough is soothing and works the muscles in your arms and shoulders. And the taste? Divine.

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