Are You Having The Right Protein?‏

Having the right protein is a smart move if you want to make some positive changes. However, you no longer have to go through hundreds of websites to find out which protein is right for you. Here’s the shortest no-nonsense guide to protein that will make your life much easier:

Whey Protein

If you’re looking to build lean muscles, nothing works better than whey. Include whey protein with your diet and regimen. Its regular usage will stimulate your muscle growth, keep you energetic and give you a leaner and muscular body.

Casein Protein

Casein is nothing but milk protein in a powder. It’s a great drink to have before bedtime as it gives a steady trickle of aminos. It also helps build more muscles when combined with your whey as a post-workout shake.

Whey Isolate

If you’re into hardcore bodybuilding, or getting there, then whey isolate is for you. They contain 90-96% of protein with minimal lactose and virtually no fat. So if you have to increase your daily protein intake to achieve your goals, these are for you.

Protein / Meal Replacement Bars

If you’re always on the go and get no time to prepare healthy meals for yourself, these come in very handy. They are bundled with the goodness of proteins, right amount of carbs for energy and antioxidants.

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