Beginner Workout Mistakes To Avoid And Never Make Them Again

A stupid person learns from their own mistakes, and a smart person learns from others – this is a somewhat controversial statement because no one would not get personal life experience, first keeping making the same mistakes. But if we are talking about training (especially in the gym), then even a not serious procedure error, and even more so a mistake when doing this or that exercise can affect not only the result of the practices but also lead to serious injury.

No matter how much people say, everything should be within reasonable limits, including physical exertion. Still, those who decide to proceed to them strictly at a particular time of the year (as a rule, after the New Year holidays) confidently and radically begin to change your lifestyle: sit on the so-called proper nutrition, train for hours, even try to go to bed early. As a result, either a bad result or even a severe injury. It also applies to the rest of the newcomers, who, without being tied to a particular season, take the path of regular training for the first time. 

The more, the better

One of the reasons why many people will not begin to train in any way is the belief in one idea: to achieve a good result, and you need to prepare for hours. Besides, where to find so much time? Moreover, those who believe in the duration of training, try to practice this statement, when they still get membership in a fitness club. As a result, the state of over-training, the almost complete absence of the desired effect, and, as a result, the absolute refusal of classes, quickly come.

Remember: You are doing fitness, which by default implies moderate exercise, so any workout should last no more than an hour. It is quite enough to solve your goals and objectives. However, here it is important what and how you perform in a given period.

Spontaneity. There is no clear certainty about what result I want to achieve.

However, to solve the tasks clearly, they must first be determined. Often, when you ask a beginner: they say, what result you want to achieve – you can hear the answer: well, lose some weight there; biceps pump up, and so on. Even if you do not quite understand what result you want to achieve, and then at least start small, for example, just standing in front of the mirror and adequately assessing what is wrong in your figure. However, if you have already acquired health problems, say, because of excess weight, then everything is visible: you need to deal with the etymology of these problems, that is, to lose weight.

Self-denial on magazines and the Internet

Even if the client clearly understands what he wants to achieve, but in the past, he has never seriously engaged in sports or fitness, and it is clear that for active, and most importantly, safety training, you need to get a specific theoretical and practical amount of knowledge. It is essential that a specialist looks at you. But, either wanting to save a certain amount or believing in one’s powers to know everything connected with workouts, most people begin to read dozens of articles in magazines or on the Internet, which often contradict each other, actively watching videos or downloading mobile apps, not understanding a few points. First, no article, video or application can merely take into account your body features – injuries, age, and constitutional peculiarity. And secondly, no matter how hard you try to do this or that exercise, especially in the gym, you will never know whether you have the correct technique or not.

There are people with a magazine, or a mobile application performed such exercises, be sure that he was doing everything correctly. I had a completely natural desire to call a doctor because soon he would need the help of this kind of specialist. In general, the correct technique for doing exercises, especially strength exercises, is the Achilles’ heel of almost all the night-lights that came to the gym for the first time. Remember: when buying a contract in a fitness club, you always have a free service, such as a first briefing. Be sure to use it to get basic knowledge for independent workouts.

It would seem that three points only, but how much depends on them! Competent rhythm of training, clearly defined goals, as well as the correct technique of implementation and methods – the foundation for a good and stable result. Apply this knowledge in practice and never stop practicing again, because when you have achieved something, it is a shame to lose it! However, for some reason, more often than not, people do not give a rat’s tail about training, leaving behind other, often addiction.

About Author: Melisa Marzett is a woman who tries to keep her body and mind in shape. She goes in for sports, writes guest articles in general and for in particular. She is fond of rock music, short film festivals and other events.

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