Body Transformation: Rajiv Sehgal Lost 30 Pounds

Rajiv Sehgal Rajiv Sehgal

Rajiv Sehgal, a fitness enthusiast from Navi Mumbai (India), has dropped nearly 30 pounds of fat to get a new lease on life, and his fitness goals .

"Whenever you feel like quitting, sit and think why you have started."
Rajiv Sehegal

Rajiv Sehgal Rajiv Sehgal

How do you stay motivated?

By viewing at the results and getting compliments from friends. One of the best things which help me to stay motivated are pictures also. I click my pics and always compare them with old pics by which I was able to see differences and stay motivated to go even more hard and strong.

We know consistency is key, what tips would you give to anyone struggling to stay consistent?

At the start even I also faced the consistency problems and it’s quite natural. To resolve this problem always think about the reason why you started the workout. Along with that always try to motivate yourself and try to get a gym buddy.

Do you listen to music whilst training? If so, what’s currently on your playlist?

Yes, definitely, I love listening to the music while training. There are not such particular songs which I listen during a workout, but I always keep those songs which I can sing slowly.

What do you think about when you have to dig deep and push out that last rep?

Only one thing I think of last rep push out – Last one… go for it 🙂

What types of cardio do you do?

One thing I wish to say over here is… Cardio doesn’t mean to run only. By running definitely you will lose weight, but we are not here to run a marathon. 😛

You need to lose weight, but without muscle loss. I also do cardio, but with the variations… like sometime time slow running adding an inclined walk in it or doing cycling or elliptical for 15 mins – 20 mins. But the best works for me is 15 mins on treadmill (jog + inclined running) and compound exercises (burpees, pushups, free squats, lunges, etc.)

What does your diet consist of?

Diet plays 70 to 80% role in weight loss. I use to get normal food only home cooked. I mostly avoid eating junk food and if I want to eat, it will only be once or twice in a month just to get a change in my diet. My diet mostly includes proteins, fibers and carbs. Never remove carbs from your diet because carbs help us in lifting more.

What is your training routine like?

I work out 6 days a week and keep one day at rest. Out of these six days, one day includes only cardio with some compound exercises and remaining five days are dedicated to weight training of muscle groups.

Have you had any obstacles or setbacks while trying to achieve your goal?

Yes, I do suffer with setbacks or obstacles in achieving my goal and still get stuck at times. But that time I mostly sit for 5-10 mins and think about my progress and goals. My goals give me the perseverance to get up and start working out. And I always think about one quote in my mind, “If you feel like quitting, think why you have started”. This helps me a lot in getting out of the setbacks and retain my motivation.

How did you measure your progress?

It’s quite simple… By weighing 2-3 times a week and by clicking my photos by which I can see the differences and measure progress.

How do you deal with the cravings for junk foods and other unhealthy snacks?

I will not say that I never eat junk food. I do eat it, but only once or twice in a month, just to give a change in my diet. But mostly I eat homemade food.

What are your top 3 favorite exercises?

Squats, dumbbell bench press and hammer (for biceps).

Who are your favorite athletes, bodybuilders or fitness models?

There is not one such person, but I mostly follow is Tarun Gill. He is a fitness trainer in Gurgaon and has a website and a YouTube Channel. I often see his YouTube videos and get some really good tips from him.

What top 3 tips would you give to anyone wanting to get in shape?

  1. Workout and track your progress to stay motivated
  2. Eat healthy because diet is 70-80% role to get in shape
  3. Most important  Whenever you feel like quitting, sit and think why you have started 🙂

Rajiv Sehgal

Year of Birth: 1987

Weight (Before) : 85Kgs     Weight (Now) : 71Kgs

Height: 5′ 7”



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