Know Your Body Type Before You Start Working Out [Infographic]

Not everyone’s body created equal. Before you start your workout and diet regimen, it’s a good idea to figure out your body type.

There are three basic human body types: the ectomorph; the mesomorph; and the endomorph.

  1. Ecotmorph: Distinguished by a lack of much fat or muscle tissue
  2. Mesomorph: Marked by a well-developed musculature
  3. Endomorph: Characterized by a preponderance of body fat

Have a quick look at the info-graphic below to know some essential details of your body type, so you can eat, exercise and focus on the type of training required for your body.

Body Type (1)

Ectomorph Diet & Workout Guide

Body Type (2)

Mesomorph Diet & Workout Guide

Body Type (3)

Endomorph Diet & Workout Guide

Body Type (4)

Not to forget, it’s all about the illusion these structures create. 😉

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