Boot Out Fatigue With These 5 Smart Lifestyle Changes

Do you feel like being tired all the time? We’re not just talking drowsy here, but totally worn out, both mentally and physically; in that case you may be fighting fatigue. Fatigue is not the same as feeling sleepy; instead, it’s an overwhelming lack of energy. Overcoming it could be more difficult than you think, but with these five smart lifestyle changes the task may just get a tad easier. Here’s how.

Attention! Sleep Dose required

Most adults need about 7-8 hours of sleep a night. This can be a challenge, but being well rested is very important for your health, your career and your relationship. How can you be mentally sharp when you roll into bed at 1 AM and the alarm goes off at five? Not getting enough shut eye can also make you take unnecessary risks and make bad decisions. We’ve all experienced the fuzzy brain feeling, haven’t we? So, sleep tight at night and wake up fresh every morning.


Get Moving

Exercise may be the last thing you think of when you’re running on fumes, but research shows getting your heart, lungs and muscles pumping, actually helps in fighting fatigue. And, remember to drink plenty of water. Dehydration can sap energy and impair physical performance something you could do without.

Reduce Caffeine

Skip that ‘after dinner cup of coffee’, or choose decaf. Caffeine increases your heart rate, so drinking it late in the day can affect your sleep. It’s also smart to cut back on how much caffeine you consume overall.

Limit Alcohol

Drinking more than one glass of wine might help you fall asleep faster, but it can lead to night time waking which isn’t funny and can leave you exhausted in the morning.

Snack Sensibly

Choose foods that boost energy, including nuts, fruits and Greek yogurt. Pass on those empty calorie items like chips and cookies. These treats may please your palate but it won’t give your body the filling that it needs.

If lifestyle changes don’t help, talk to your doctor about the possibility of health problems such as diabetes, anemia, or thyroid issues, just a few of the conditions that can cause fatigue.

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