Bridge The Gap Between Those Thighs For A Healthier Tomorrow

Obsessions are part and parcel of human life, some go away while some to our detriment stick and cause more harm than good. One such obsession is that of the ‘thigh gap’ which has gripped a vast majority of the teen girls and some who have passed it. From a fashion perspective, it might even look great, but the trained eyes of physicians and health enthusiasts gaze in horror at the sight and for good reason. The length to which such people go is rather disturbing and so it’s necessary that they be told of the hazards that lie ahead.

Eating Disorder

A fact, well known to many, but observed by very few in life. Starving doesn’t just make you thin; it makes you weak; very weak in fact. It might gain you temporary success, but is bound to hurt you in the long run. For starters, it might make you prone to dizziness and several other health hazards. When your body doesn’t get sufficient amount of food intake, it will compensate for it whenever it gets the chance, resulting in binge eating.

Instead of the unsuccessful attempts at starving, opt for a healthy diet that will keep you in shape. Not every diet foodstuff is boring. Choose what fits you best and don’t forget to indulge in your favorite dishes from time to time.

Inner Thigh Chaffing

This point is made by the pros who promote the concept of thigh gaps. Teen girls without a second thought, buy into this argument. Nobody wants a black mark around their inner thighs. But, the same black marks can be avoided by several ways:

First and foremost would be to invest in a great body talc that controls sweating. A baby powder is probably a good option. Just adding a thin layer should keep you in good stead.

If the above option doesn’t do it for you, then this one surely will. BodyGlide is a skin lubricant specially made for ladies facing the chaffing problem. It is a waxy skin lubricant and is perfect to cool things down.

Lastly, invest in a good pair of boxers. It may not be your style, but hey! It’s so much better to douse the crotch fire, eh?

Bone Structure

There is a certain body structure that we all inherit and it stays with us. Laws of physics are applicable to everyone. So, any ungainly attempt to meddle with these laws can have a detrimental effect.

Some naturally have outward facing pelvis which explains why some women have thigh gaps and not others. But, there is a twist in the tale here, as women having outward facing pelvis and the ones having thigh gaps have a looser vagina instead. Reason enough to choose fuller thighs.

Apart from this factor, women are naturally endowed with thighs that are designed to give birth and thigh gap only adds to the complications.

So, before you flush out those thoughts of having a thigh gap, I’d like to blurt out a secret from the inner circle by saying that MEN love… women with fuller and stronger thighs. Ciao!

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