Eliminating the Myth — Lifting Weights Does Not “Bulk” Women

Should I be doing weights in the gym? Is there a chance that I might bulk up? Women are constantly battling these questions once they enter the gym with no answer in sight. Breathe easy ladies! Because none of your mental demons hold any truth in the real world and here are three reasons why:

Reason #1:

First and foremost, I’ll be using two props to explain this – a cantaloupe and an apple. The ‘cantaloupe’ is going to represent our ‘body fat’ and the ‘apple’ is going to represent ‘muscle’. For argument’s sake, let’s say both of them weigh exactly the same. Now, this is what you need to understand:

Size of Apple = Space or Volume that 1 lb. of muscle will take up,


Size of Cantaloupe = Space or Volume that 1 lb. of fat will take up in our body.

As you can see, you’ll not get bulky, but will actually shrink in size as you add muscle mass. It’s because (don’t forget) muscle is metabolically active, therefore, it’s going to help you burn calories at rest, whereas fat is not metabolically active, so it will not burn calories at rest.

Reason #2:

Women are not hormonally designed to build lots of muscle. Men produce more testosterone than women; therefore they have the advantage of building more muscle. Now, each individual is a little bit different, but in general, women do not have that hormonal makeup to build lots of muscle or to bulk up.

Reason #3:

The third reason would be bio-mechanics, or the way our bodies are structured. Generally, women have narrower shoulders than their hips and men have wider shoulders than their hips. Therefore, you’re able to drape more muscle on a man because bio-mechanically they can support more mass whereas a women cannot. This means, women will drape less muscle. So, there is no way that lifting weights will make you bulky.

So Should Women Lift Weights Then?

Remember ladies, you have 17 times less testosterone than men. It means that you’re actually at a hormonal disadvantage when it comes to fat loss. So, lifting weights would do more good than harm. Weight training will increase your metabolism which will make it a lot easier for you to become lean.

So, the answer to your question is YES.

You’ll not get big and bulky like most women think they will, instead, you’re going to develop a toned body that most women find desirable. So, if your goal is to look your very best, I highly recommend that you do lift weights in proper form.

But again, make sure you’re not afraid to go ahead and push some heavier weights because it will help you lean out quicker. Overall, it will give you the curves that you want in the right areas and you’ll surely be happy with the outcome.

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