Facing A Hard Time with Nutrition in College? Here’s A Lesson Or Two for You — Vol 2

So, we are back after the break (hopefully with digested facts from the last time) and the lecture which thus far had only focused on the physical aspects of college nutrition, will go one step further and zoom in on the mental aspect. It’s focus time class, because you’re going to learn a lesson of a lifetime.

How can a college student eat well despite peer pressure?

Nutrition for a college student should really be about eating quality meals very frequently. You’re always on your feet, studying a lot and those quick pick-me-up drinks like energy Gatorade, Red bull etc. will not do any good except increasing your problems. Nutrition is where you need to be focusing on. Eating healthy snacks like Greek yogurt or an apple are going to be so much important to you as your day goes on. If you don’t take the time to pack your meals, you’re going to end up turning to junk food and that’s going to leave you further behind from where you’d started.

College is where you really begin to check out food labels. You might have thought that the juice was healthy, only to find out later that it was loaded with sucrose. That said, it’s okay every now and then to have a pizza or a burger. If your meal preparation is in order and you are eating healthy throughout the week, a little cheat here and there is not going to hurt you, you’ve to have a little bit of fun every now and then.

There are numerous benefits of eating clean and some of them might not be that obvious. Eating right will really help your complexion and skin. If you eat greasy fast food, guess what, you’re more likely to break down. With the stress in college combined with a crappy diet, you’re surely cooking yourself a disastrous recipe.

How do I navigate the grocery store or stretch my dollar as a college student?

Nutrition on Sale

When you visit a grocery store, make sure you stick to the perimeter, because that is where you’ll find most of the fresh fruits and other things that you’ll need for your muscle building program.

Cut out coupons. It’s a great way to stretch your money when on a budget. Learn to start saving now. If they’re having 10 cans of tuna for $10, you might be eating tuna this week.

Some places even have discounts for students. If you show your college ID, you might be able to get some discount. This is something which you HAVE to do if you want to succeed in your program. Learning to shop for grocery is a lifelong lesson and can’t be overlooked.

College is a once in a lifetime opportunity to live life as you wish, but making the wrong choices isn’t an option and health should never take a back seat. It’s these years that will shape and define your future and a nutrition filled diet for starters will ensure that you shine like a beacon amongst the crowd.

That’s all for this lecture, until we meet again…. Class Dismissed!



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