Gentlemen of the World — Presenting the Muscle Chieftains of the Body

So we are up and ready, hormones pumping in our veins, waiting to let loose a barrage of iron in our bodies. But wait, do we know the essentials? Or are we just entering a rat race? So many questions, but very few answers. Don’t worry, because this piece gives you a low-down on what it takes to get the body of your dreams.

Lean Muscular Body

The Shoulders

A combination of 3 bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons, this joint is the crowning jewel in the male body. A shapely shoulder, not only enhances the look of the male torso, but also gives it a mark of approval amongst the ladies. Remember that old cliché “Women need a shoulder to cry on”.

A list of top 3 exercises that enable you to get well defined shoulders:

#1- Military Press

#2- Upright Barbell Rows

#3- Dumbbell Side Raises

Practice these with sincerity and you are sure to get those shoulders of yours practically exploding under your tee.

Shoulder Muscles

The Back

Arguably the most important set of muscles in the human body, though many in their negligence do not work with these muscles enough. It consists of a large set of muscles, covering a major portion of the body from the base of the spine right up to the neck. With its intricate positioning, it supports the head and trunk of the body and allows for tremendous flexibility and movement. A strong back promotes proper body mechanics and prevents injury as you bend, twist and lift throughout the day.

Top 3 exercises to make your back sturdy as a wall:

#1- Pull Ups

#2- Seated Rows

#3- Dead lift

Not only will these exercises get rid of the many back problems that come up with age, but will also help you in times of need. Especially when your “Back is up against the wall”.

Back Muscles

The Chest

Another important set of muscles enclosing within them important organs like the heart and lungs. It primarily consists of major and minor pectoral muscles. Whether pounding ones chest or letting your lady rest her head after an intense lovemaking session, the chest has always been that part of the male body synonymous with machismo. A strong & chiseled chest ensures a strong upper body core, which in turn enhances your personality.

3 of the best exercises for a solid chest include:

#1- Bench Press

#2- Chest Dips

#3- Dumbbell Flyes

With these exercises, you’ll ensure yourself a chest that is right out of a men’s health manual.


The Arms

Probably the most celebrated and worked out band of muscles on the entire human body. Consists mainly of 2 sets of muscles, the biceps and the triceps, as people the world over like to call them. Made popular by the Rocky’s and Rambo’s, gym junkies all over, pump it up in pursuance of those dream biceps and triceps.

Here are 3 of the best exercises to bulk up those arms:

#1- Standing Barbell Curls

#2- Bicep Curl

#3- Triceps Extension

Perform these simple yet effective exercises and get ready to become the subject of envy amongst your male colleagues.

Best TricepsGreat Biceps

The Abdomen

Much talked about and in the spotlight for a variety of reasons, this muscle set is notorious for being the bane and the boon of many males across the planet. While some struggle, to keep their girth in check, others most famously flaunt it and for good reason. The market is flooded with images of models showing of their envious 6-pack abs and it is but natural for other men to follow suit in their hunt for those sexy abs.

So these 3 exercises will go a long way in guaranteeing you those flat pack abs:

#1- Basic Crunch

#2- Plank

#3- Bicycle Crunch

Throw in these exercises with the others and get a rock-hard and ripped mid section which will make women go weak in the knees.


The Legs

This muscle group is as important as it gets, in the context of having a great physique. Consisting of a complex set of muscles which include the foot, the thigh and the hip, it is used for a plethora of activities like running, jumping, kicking etc. But the most important activity of all that it carries out, is the foundation that it provides for an impressive physique.

3 of the best exercises for powerful legs are as follows:

#1- Squats

#2- Leg Press

#3- Leg Curls

Get started with these exercises and experience the making of a lower half that is second to none.

Leg Muscles

While all these exercises are great in their own rights, proper diet and routine can certainly help you to get a body like that of a Greek god. So ladies… beware, there is a killer on the prowl.

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