Punch That Paunch In The Gut

Belly FatYou tend to overlook certain habits that affect your life. Those habits in turn cost us dearly in the long run. And ‘Uncle Paunch’ is a result of such habits. We at Installing Muscles shed light on grave mistakes which people commit which results in fat getting stored around their waistline.

Skipping Meals

Whenever you skip meals, you end up overeating later and the fat inevitably finds a way to your midsection. Make sure that you eat small to medium-sized meals every 3-4 hours daily. You have to trick your body into having smaller meals every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolic rate high, not making you feel hungry and binge later.

Binge Drinking

Whenever you binge-drink, you invite flab to settle down on your midsection. Since alcohol contains lots of calories, you often tend to feel hungry while you are drinking. Make sure you opt for red wine while going out drinking with your friends – it helps fight paunch. Though the consumption of alcohol in moderation is fine during weight maintenance, you can always choose to have wine as it is a rich source of antioxidants.

Crazy About Crunches

Sit-ups just tone the muscles, they do not affect the layer of fat covering them. Doing too much of crunches (say 50-100 crunches) will not make your jeans fitting loose. It’s better to jog or brisk walk in the park or on the treadmill for half an hour daily to lose the belly fat rather than doing 50 crunches a day. Moreover, a proper combination of a good workout and diet will also help you to get rid of needless fat faster.

Consuming ‘Lite’ Products

Keep in mind that opting for sugar-free sweets, diet sodas, low-fat snacks or yogurt will not help in the long run. These artificial sweeteners just trigger your metabolism to increase the storage of fat.

Staying Away From Bread

Eat whole-grain breads and cereals because they allow insulin to rise and gradually reduce the chances of adding fat to your belly. Make sure that you include wild rice, whole wheat chapatis and oatmeal in your meal plan once a day. It is always good to have some amount of carbohydrates to help in the digestion process.

Fatty Foods: A Big No-No

Not all kinds of fats are unhealthy, you can have monounsaturated fats. If you want to lose the fat around your belly soon, it is opined to consume one-quarter of an avocado either in your salad or sandwich. Good fats, like nuts, healthy oils like sunflower and olive oil, are essential for your body. Avoiding them completely will not benefit your body altogether.

If you are still hunting down nightmares about a flabby waistline, putting these tips into action, will make your task a helluva lot easier.

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