How To Strengthen Yourself Against Lower Back Pain

Sad but true, no matter how determined you are to live a healthy and fit life, this will always come with some challenges. If you’re willing to maintain a nice toned body, you must have a proper workout plan.


However, injuries like muscle sprain, back pain and hamstring will always be around the corner. So be extra careful.

The last thing you want is, getting bedridden or carrying a nagging pain for days after some productive workout sessions.

Lower back pain is a common problem among people. In this article, we explore some of the most effective ways to deal with this pain.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Many people suffer from lower back pain due to long working hours. This also occurs due to sudden awkward movements or some heavy lifting.

Often the wrong posture while working out leads to back pain and other injuries.

Bird Dog with Sandbag

Bird dog is one of the most popular exercises that has proven to be highly effective against back pain. This is excellent at battling against back pain for two reasons:

  • It’s quite simple (yet effective)
  • You won’t be needing any conventional workout equipment to do it

1. So How Do You Perform Bird Dog with a Sandbag?

First, grip the floor with both hands and feet. This will heat up your glutes, lat muscles and hamstrings.

To perform the bird dog with a sandbag, all you need to do is place a mini band to your rear legs and gently stretch one leg at a time.

While you’re stretching your right leg upwards, pull the sandbag with your left hand from left to right underneath you. Your upper body should maintain around two feet gap from the floor.

Now slowly put your right knee on the floor. Do the opposite as you gently stretch your left leg. You can continue a session for about five minutes or so following the same sequence of movement.

2. Which Muscles are going to Get Affected?

This movement is excellent for stretching the lower back, hip, and legs. They will also heat up your biceps as you pull the sandbag underneath you.

Bird dog allows your glutes and lat muscles to loosen up. At the same time, it’ll gradually help your back to become stronger to prevent any kind of injury or pain.

3. How to Incorporate Bird Dog Sandbag Drag in your Workout?

Bird dog sandbag drag is excellent for warming up. You can get yourself all heated up by doing this for five minutes before you get started with your regular workout schedule.

However, you can also adopt it as a push exercise technique. That case you can try several sessions of bird dog sandbag to strengthen your muscle.

Sled Drags with Weight

Sled drag with weight is one of the most effective strength building workout techniques. It heats up your hip and core.

This affects most of the joints in your body with minimal risk. This also helps out with cardio during increased heartbeats and worked up lungs.

Try both forward and backward walking while pulling the sled. You can also pull the sled while crawling. One of my favorite postures is the sled drag with one hand.

The weight that you are going to pull for this particular workout should be tolerable. It should not be too light or heavy.

However, this should weigh enough so that you can put enough pressure on your muscles as you drag the sled forward.

How to Incorporate Sled Drag in your Workout?

You can adopt sled drag as a complete workout technique when it comes to strength training. This will also strengthen your back muscles and will safeguard you from that irritating back pain.

Since there are different variations available for sled drag, you can mix up the moves. This will make your training sessions much more interesting.


Lunges are effective strength training exercises that you should try out. While you keep moving from split stance to highly stable standing position, you create enough force to challenge your muscles.

One of the simple lunges techniques involves you holding two dumbbells engaging both hands. Allow your hands to simply hang from your body.

Kneel on your right knee. After a couple of seconds, put your left knee on the ground as well.

Then withdraw your left knee first and stay at the kneeling position for half a second with your right knee on the ground. Then stand up completely.

Follow the same sequence for up to five minutes. However, the length of each session depends on you completely. With time, increase the length of the sessions.

Incorporating Lunges in your Workout

My personal recommendation would be – doing lunges right before dead-lifts and squatting.

Lunges are a bit more complex than other workout approaches. Therefore, they should be performed first when your energy level is higher.

Inversion Table for Back Pain

Often physiotherapists and gym trainers advise using an inversion table in case you are suffering from back pain. They’re not very expensive and highly durable.

If you’re completely new to this, it’s highly recommended that you take professional advice from a physiotherapist before using one. This will help you avoid unwanted injuries.


So this is it, try these three highly effective workout techniques that’ll hopefully strengthen your back. They don’t require too many equipment and are easy to perform.

If you really want to minimize the agony of back pain, I recommend you to mix them up with your other work out techniques.

So, give these a try already! However, make sure that you consult with your physiotherapist or a trainer first.

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