In Home Workouts: Getting Back To The Basics

Like professional musicians who still practice scales, or a NBA player who still walk through their jump shot step by step, in home workouts are great at getting back to the fundamentals. Calisthenics should never be seen as a lesser workout. Their an important tool to ensure your muscles stay toned and your form is secure once your able to go back to the gym. Focus on the form, go slow, and get back to the basics.

There are some ways you can stay shaped by training at home:

  1. Exercises;
  2. Exercise equipment such as treadmills etc;

Here are some exercises focusing on the proper form and technique to maximize your in-home training.


You know the push-up. We all do. It’s a simple yet effective exercise for your arms, chest, and back. But, you’ve most likely been doing it wrong. The perfect push-up is a slow push-up. Your hands should be shoulder length apart (in this variation at least, we’ll get to others), back straight, your butt shouldn’t be sagging down or sticking out. Your feet position is more lenient. Either shoulder-length or close together will do. Once you’re in proper position, slowly lower your self to the ground. You should be looking in front of you not at the ground. While lowering yourself take a deep breath. Your elbows shouldn’t be pointing towards opposite walls. They should bend towards your chest if you’re doing them properly. The motion will be complete once your chest touches the ground. Then, slowly, push up breathing out.


This variation is the classic push-up and will strengthen your biceps and chest. If you would like to focus on triceps, connect your hands by the index finger and thumb to make a “diamond” shape. Then perform the same motion as a classic push-up. For more of a focus on your chest, place your hands on the outside of your shoulders. To strengthen shoulders, get in classic push-up position. Inch your feet towards your head so that your butt juts outward like the tip of a mountain. It should feel like you’re rocking forward when lowering your body, then rocking back up when pushing up. Try out different variations of push-ups depending on what muscle you would like to strengthen.

Air Squat


Squats are called the best exercise for the amount of muscles it strengthens, but it is also the one that is frequently done with improper form. Squats are dangerous if you do them incorrectly and can lead to serious injury. But, now that you’re using calisthenics as fundamentals, this will ensure you won’t blow out your back. Like the push-up go slowly. If you have a full-length mirror, then use it. Stand straight up and plant your feet parallel to your shoulders. Then lower yourself down. Keep the movement controlled. Your knees should face the same way, and your motion should mimic sitting down in a chair. Keep moving down until your butt passes your knees. Pause for a second. Then slowly move upwards back in starting position while breathing out. This exercise will ensure proper form and technique for weighted squats. Even if you believe you’ve mastered squatting, it’s always effective to go back to the basics and reestablish proper form. Remember, it’s all about fundamentals.

Core (Abs)

You don’t need a gym for a six pack. There a multitude of core workouts you can engage in at home. First, the crunch. Lay flat on your back and slightly raise your knees. It’s not necessary for your knees to be pushed up to your thighs. They should look like a clock with the two hands on the eight and the four. Place your hands behind your head, and use your core to move your head so your eyes are looking directly at your knees. Sit-ups are also a great exercise that works your back and neck as well as core. Instead of placing your hands behind your head, form an X with each hand touching the opposite shoulder. The proper form here is inhaling on the way up, with your elbows touching your knees, then exhaling and slowing going down. If performed correctly, you will feel the pressure on your abs.

Two other exercises that are effective are planks and the reverse superman. We all dread planks, but it’s an amazing exercise for the core. The proper form for this exercise is simple. Get in push-up position, place your elbows on the ground instead of your hands, then hold that position. You know you’re doing it right when your abs start shaking. Hold the position for as long as possible then release. Reverse superman is my personal favorite exercise for abs. Lay flat on your back, then lift your feet and hands in the air. Slightly raise your legs while your hands should be raised higher pointing towards the ceiling. Once you master this exercise you can start placing different weights on the curve of your feet. Be creative. Heavy books are great example of weights you can use if you don’t have access to dumbbells.

Final Thoughts

Fundamentals and technique are the key ways of maximizing your training efforts at home. It’s important to focus on form so you can have a solid base muscle for other exercise. Focusing on toning your muscles with more reps is equally as important as trying to build muscle with weights. It shouldn’t be ignored. Even with access to a gym, calisthenics should be part of every workout routine to ensure your fundamentals are still in tact. If Lebron James needs to practice his mid-range jump shot to keep the rest of his game on par, then I can guarantee calisthenics aren’t a waste of time. They are best way to make your in home workout as efficient as possible.

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