Kiss That Double Chin Good Bye

Double chin is quite common among overweight men and women. And if you’re sporting one too, then you certainly know how unflattering it is. Alternate names like turkey neck, chin twin, second chin, etc. just prove the point. However, getting rid of a double chin is not that easy and one has to religiously do exercises for neck and chin to banish that extra flab.

Sadly, women are more prone to it.

As women have a greater tendency to accumulate fat deposits in the body, so they are more prone to having a double chin.

Double Chin

Reduce Overall Body Fat

When a person is overweight, there is accumulation of fat everywhere on the body and hence, a double chin occurs as a result. Spot Reduction is just a MYTH ( And yeah it’s true..). Getting rid of double chin with certain neck and chin exercises alone is not possible. Reduction of overall fat percentage is necessary. Exercises for double chin will work only when coupled with weight training and diet.

Carrying out these few exercises diligently, will certainly help. Here we take a look:

Platysma Exercise

Open your mouth as wide as possible, then stretch your lower lip and jaw over your top row of teeth. This exercise will tighten the area around your chin and help you lose a double chin. It should be done in 5-10 reps everyday.

Chin Lift

Chin Lift is another exercise that stretches and tones various muscles of the face, especially the jaw and neck. To perform this exercise, sit erect and tilt your head back until you’re looking towards the ceiling. Lips should be pursed tightly, as if you want to kiss the ceiling. Just use your lips, DO NOT engage your facial muscles. Hold your lips for 5 seconds and then release. (5-10 reps.)

Neck Roll

In this exercise, you sit straight and inhale while turning your head to one side such that your chin touches your shoulder. Now exhale and slowly lower your head such that your chin is resting on your chest. Inhale again and gently lift your head to the other side such that your chin touches the other shoulder. (5-10 reps.)

Chin Slap

Gently slap underneath your chin using the back of your hand. Gradually build up speed while slapping gently. Do this for a couple of minutes, 2-3 times a day.

Now, that you are devoid of all doubts, go ahead and do away with those fat deposits lying under your chin for a younger and chiseled looking you.

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