Let Your ‘Hard Gainer’ Curse Be a Thing Of The Past with These 3 Tips

Many people find it hard to increase muscle mass even though they’ve been working out hard in the gym, making them feel miserable and demotivated. So, today I’m going to give 3 tips to all the hard gainers out there which will help them in their cause.

Let’s start with the question at hand – Who is a hard gainer? Anyone who finds a hard time putting on muscle, no matter what he tries to do, is referred to as a hard gainer. Even though, they eat a lot and work out hard, they still end up staying slim. So they start to wonder what’s wrong with them. I hate to break the news to you guys, but the reason behind it is that your metabolism is very fast. In the future, you’re probably going to be really happy about that. But for now, it’s probably making you a little sad.

Don’t worry though, you can turn things around and this is what you need to do:

Tip #1: Eat more

After your work out, you need to fuel your body with lots of calories. Obviously, you’re going to need a lot of proteins and carbohydrates. So if you’re a hard gainer that means that any foodstuff that you take in is decimated. So you need to eat a lot more during the course of the day.

Now there are supplements available called branched chain amino acids, and glutamine, which really help your body store the muscle, and preserve it, instead of breaking it down on days maybe you don’t eat enough, or end up doing a lot of cardio. I’m sure some people might argue that they can’t eat any more, but all I got to say in response is that it is a necessary evil— deal with it.

Tip #2: Work on your legs

One really important thing when it comes to hard gainers is the fact that you need to work more on all the large muscles.  So the primary focus should be to work on your legs a lot. Because working out your legs boosts your testosterone, and your HGH levels, which is something that you’d definitely want to increase if you’re a hard gainer. This means, you’ll be doing squats and other big exercises like leg extensions, and leg press. You’re not going to be working on little specifics, because they’re not going to help you get anywhere. Only the large muscle exercises will be of any benefit.

Tip #3: Less cardio, more weights

The final tip involves cutting down on your cardio. If you end up doing a lot of cardio, you’re going to waste a lot of muscle that you’re trying desperately to preserve. So if you’re a hard gainer, you’ll have to do a little less cardio (or none at all), lift a lot of heavy weights, and do a lot of large muscle exercises.

So go out there, do all the things that I just explained to you and let me know how it goes. And remember, always practice safe sets.

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