Have We Lost The Art Of Breathing?

“Breathe in… breathe out…, breathe in…breathe out.” You hear the mechanical voice on your meditation app and do as told. The effect? Calmness, which roughly lasts 10 minutes before the shenanigans of the real world hit it for a home run. And before you even know it shallow breathing has reared its ugly head. So, what really happens? How does one simply forget what we consciously decided to do? The answers may be entrenched in our habits. So let’s dive deeper and solve this mystery that forms the basis of a healthy life.

Honey, hurry up! Gotta train to catch

Isn’t that the most pressing issue concerning an adult after waking up? Reaching office on time has become such a big deal that all other aspects have become secondary – even breathing properly. The female probably realizing the urgency of the situation, hurries the procedure, neglecting her breathing too. As you would have probably guessed by now, there’s a pattern here. Everyone’s in a hurry. And you can add kids to this list given their hyperactivity courtesy the digital age.

This hurry as a result produces stress, a constant companion for today’s generation. Inability to control it has left our health in a state far worse than it has ever been before, thus bringing with it the likes of hypertension, high blood sugar, muscle tension, etc. (Let me just stop before I scare you away.)

Okay, so I’ll get up early from tomorrow

While that might help you to get things done earlier, it won’t be of much help as far as breathing correctly is concerned. What will help is constant reminder and focus on your breathing patterns. Too taxing on you? Yeah, I thought of that. The point here is not to go all out and burn your mental energies all in one go. The art (yes, it’s an art) lies in a gradual rise of consciousness about your breathing pattern. Sure, there’ll be times when you get caught up in work and get back to old ways. Understand that it’s normal. Don’t lash out at yourself for that (that’s one form of stress too). Instead, start breathing slowly and deeply the moment you realize it. The key is to plan your intervals of shallow and deep breathing.

The beauty of the mind is such that post the initial resistance, it’ll settle down in a soulful breathing rhythm, one that you were originally born with (Go see a newborn breathe).

I better tell this to my family & friends

You bloody well should, because this matter isn’t to be taken lightly. The more people that join in on this, the better it is for the world. Wait, world? Yeah, you heard that right. For people who consistently deep breath have shown reduced stress levels, improved concentration and efficiency, elevated lung capacity, increased stamina, flushed toxins, and most importantly have become happier beings (Endorphin blast for the science nerds).

It is crazy to think that we ended up losing this relatively simple health mantra that requires minimal effort, yet produces astounding results. But hey, better late than never, now that you do know about the art, it’s only fitting that you nurtured it. Perhaps, in time, you might just master this lost art.

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