Best Mobile Apps For Getting Fit

Once upon a time we would go for a run or hit the gym without the interference of technology. Take a step back to those days of Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was pumping iron in golds gym, do you think he had a mobile app?

In the current day and age, we are all so obsessed with technology, whether that be the latest set of Bluetooth fitness headphones or a Fitbit to track our steps. These aren’t bad things as they can really enhance your workouts, and make exercising feel more fulfilling which will keep some of you working out instead of eating in and watching Netflix.

Let’s take a look at some of the best mobile apps that you can get in 2017 for your mobile phone:


The Wikipedia of the fitness world, and simply one of the most exceptional resources you could possibly have for getting fit. Contained within the app are thousands of exercises sortable by numerous filters. So when you want to hit that leg workout, simply filter the muscle group and find something that’ll get you pumped.

JEFIT is great for those who enjoy hitting the iron, but want to explore and learn new exercises. A great app that caters for those who are entirely new to getting fit. Out of the app store, it comes with numerous built in workout plans so you can choose something that works for your personal objectives, or create something to challenge yourself.


If you have a Fitbit and don’t have this installed? Get it downloaded now. The mobile app connects to the device opening up an incredible world of data in a digestible format. You can track everything straight from the app, even your food intake via a handy bar code scanner.

The thing that makes the Fitbit app really neat though is the seamless transfer of data. It logs everything via GPS and utilizes the pedometer to accurately track your fitness goals.

For those who enjoy the more competitive side of fitness, there are social features built straight into the app which makes it a great little app to keep you working out.


How could we not include good old Spotify? Possibly one of the best mobile apps for creating a workout playlist that matches the tempo of your workout. Great for those who just want to hit the weights or go for a run without worrying about tracking everything.

I guess this is one of those apps for the minimalists who just want to work out to some good music. It made the list because you don’t need a plethora of funky features to get healthy, but some good tunes? I for one sure couldn’t imagine a gym world without music (it’s a little scary to even consider).


As a keen cyclist, this made the list. Anyone into the sport or simply keen hobbyists will appreciate Strava. It has long been one of the greatest ways to track those cycling adventures, whether you are going for a gentle cruise in the countryside or getting ready for a competition. Everything from average speed to elevation is tracked, it can pinpoint so many different variables in the way you ride all through your smart phone.

When it comes to the “Big sell”, Strava has the ability to set routes and partake in leader-boards for all those popular routes. So if you want to, there are a number of ways to measure your performance based on that of others along with all your usual routes. Think about it like speed traps for cyclists! How fast can you go?

This competitive edge really makes Strava so amazing, as it really makes you want to hit the road as fast as possible.

So what is the best mobile app for getting fit?

With so many apps on the market, it can be overwhelming. Which is possibly why the best app for getting fit has to be the Fitbit app. If you are serious about your fitness, chances are you’ll have a Fitbit.

It makes sense to keep everything manageable, otherwise, chances are you’ll be inclined to forget about filling in that meal or tracking that exercise. With a Fitbit? Everything is kept perfectly in one location, and you don’t have to worry about it tracking your activity because the process is automatic.

The social functionality makes for a little friendly conversation with your friends, but can gear towards those super competitive fitness fanatics too. Let us know what your favorite workout is in the comments below.

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