Proper Techniques To Lose Weight

If you are someone who wants to lose weight actually, you might be looking for the success stories of losing weight without regaining it back but it seems almost impossible. You will meet many people daily who will tell you that how difficultly they have lost a few pounds and with quite a speed, regained it back. What can be the cause of such failure? Don’t they follow their diet chart strictly? Do they perform all those exercises which they are told by their gym instructor?

To all of these questions, luckily some researchers have got the answers that how these people are not successful to lose weight without getting caught by any disease or getting back all those pounds they have shed. It is not possible to cover such a detailed topic in an article, but we will try to give you a good outline to make you understand the shortcomings of your weight loss plan.

Exercise Is The Main Key

We know that there is nothing new or interesting for you on this topic as you already know this, that exercise is counted as the key part of weight loss. Still, there are many of us who won’t agree with the fact, but for all others who do, we have a good news. It is possibly difficult for you to do a half an hour of exercise daily for it is muscle stressing in the start. We have got many results from various studies which show that you can split a 30 minutes’ session for 3 then minutes sessions a day. Yes! It is equally effective as a 30 minutes’ session is. So you do not need to stress yourself and make your exercising routine a pleasant one. Also keep one thing in mind that for an ideal weight loss plan, you have to go for 5, 30 minutes daily sessions in a week. Means that you can have two off as well.

Make A Diary

Yes, making a diary is important, but wait, we are not talking about a food diary only. You have to dedicate a bit of time daily after your meals to write down three main points in your diary.

  • What you have eaten and how much?
  • How much extra than your required calories you have consumed?
  • How were you feeling when you have eaten?

You might be surprised to read the last point; it is the turning point of your diet control. Human behavior is a bit complex and we sometimes do what we don’t actually want to do and these things are rather uncontrollable. For example, there are some emotions that trigger your hunger and you eat lots of extra food than you require. It can be happiness, excitement, sadness, anger, stress or some other emotions. You have to keep an eye on these hunger triggering emotions. Once you got to know yourself, you can control your hunger better than ever. You can either divert your mind if something like that happens or consume a food that contains no calories.

Keep Your Focus To Be Healthy Along With Being Thin

At this point, many people get knocked down while following a self-made strict diet plan. Their diet makes them so thin and weak that they body is unable to fight against diseases and bacteria that attack their body. Keep one thing in your mind that your focus must be on being healthy as well and not losing important hormones (which discharge when your body is over weaken. Don’t ever try to make a diet plan yourself, go to a nutritionist instead. Take multi vitamins and food supplements to maintain the strength of your body.

You Need Support To Do That

Encouragement is a big factor that works positively when you are trying to achieve big goals. We don’t say that you cannot do it alone rather we would say that you can do it even better and faster with a group with the same purpose. You will monitor and compare your results with your companions daily and that will enhance your competitive sense and strength to get to your goal.

Eat Slowly, Let Your Brain Calculate It

Eating Slowly is another trick to shed pounds. Guess what? Your brain works for you to consume enough calories which your body needs and not more than that. Studies show that while you are eating, your brain starts to indicate that your stomach is full when you are eating since last 20 minutes. Some people eat so fast that they eat more food than they should take in less than twenty minutes and even after their brain tells them to stop, they would like to eat for a 5 minutes more and that is the actual reason of why they cannot lose weight. Chewing properly and eating slowly will keep your stomach in a good condition as well and assist you to lose weight too.

Eat Healthy Fat, But Don’t Overeat

Leaving fats completely can take your body to some disastrous stages so do not leave fats at all. Monitor your fat intake to stay healthy and thin or lean.

All of the above given tips can work like magic if you add them strictly to your weight loss schedule. Try to understand the idea behind them so that you can act upon with complete trust. Being confident is really important when you are chasing some goals in your life so never lose hope and be consistence. An extra tip for you is that if you are planning to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks, you can do it as it is possible, but you will then end up with a weight regain because when you lose pounds rapidly, your metabolism is effected shockingly and therefore your calorie intake is increased naturally so keep it slow and steady to win the race.

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