RARE Secrets of Bodybuilding, That Can Take YOU To Another LEVEL!

Do you want to know how to gain lean muscle mass fast? 
Gain 25 pounds to your bench? Get massive arms? 
How about those rock hard abs? 
I can tell you… with hardwork and serious goal setting.
There are really no secrets when it comes to bodybuilding but I’m going to tell you some common beginner mistakes so that you don’t have to learn them the hard way.


“The More You Train The Bigger Your Muscles Get”

Yes but no, there is such thing as over-training and when you over train, it’s going to be the opposite. The muscle grows when it’s resting, not while you are lifting, so why would you keep training when your muscle hasn’t recovered yet? The recovery time varies depending on a lot of factors but the general rule. It’s 3 full days for a muscle, meaning if you train your biceps on Monday, you should let them rest until at least Thursday, but that’s just my opinion on the resting periods.

“More Reps = Definition & Less Reps = Mass”

No, the look of being “Toned” is having a low body fat percentage and whether you are bulking or cutting, you should stick with the same rep range and that in typically 6 to 12 reps. Whether you are bulking or cutting, it’s more about the diet than the weight lifting routine.

Triceps Extension

“You’ve To Keep Changing Routines Really Often To Get Your Muscles Shocked Otherwise They Will Adapt And You Will Stop Growing”

Okay, there’s some truth to that but if you keep doing the same routine over and over, your body will eventually adapt and you will hit a plateau. But really all you have to do in order to keep your body from adapting is either constantly adding more weight to your exercises (progressive overload) or doing more reps or simply resting less, I mean why would you change your routine that has been giving you the best results? It doesn’t make sense to me. Not that there is anything wrong with changing routines every once in a while, in fact I encourage you to do it but don’t have to change them every week as some people suggest. I would say the best time to change a routine is when you hit a plateau, meaning you are stuck with the same weight and can’t make progress.

“You Need To Eat Right In Order To Get Results”

Of course you need to eat right otherwise its just putting your gym efforts to waste. I mean, yes, if you train your ass off in the gym but have a bad nutrition, you will get results but nowhere near optimal. You need to have a balanced diet.


“You Need To Be In A Caloric Surplus In Order To Bulk”

Well, you really do but you have to consume some more calories not too much, a LOT of people start bulking and just go crazy with pizzas and burgers and never realize that they are just getting fat and when they cut again they lose all their weight and end up in the same place they started because they just lose fat.

“Cutting Calories When Cutting”

I see a lot of guys just cutting their calories in half when they start cutting and what will happen is your body will starve and use your muscle to feed and you will lose all that muscle you tried to build and end up right where you started. You should only reduce your calories gradually.

“You Should Be Sore After Working Out In Order To Build Muscle”

No, muscle soreness is not directly related to hypertrophy. So how do you know you are making progress? As I mentioned before, your body responds when muscles are perturbed to change (progressive overload) like adding more weight, doing more reps or resting less.


This is the biggest way to ever achieve your goal, whether gaining or losing weight. This is what makes or breaks any athlete. I can not stress how important, eating right is. To a bodybuilder it makes up over 75% of everything. You need to fuel your body with the right nutrients to grow.


Patience is one of the most important things when trying to build muscles. I see a lot of people working out and completely stop after a while because they are not seeing results, you have to realize that building muscles is a VERY slow process and it won’t grow overnight. It takes years to build muscles without the help of steroids or any other hormone so patience being consistent is the key.


I’m a kind of person who doesn’t like to blame things on genetics but they play an important role on your body and like it or not there is a limit on how much your body can grow without the use of steroid or hormones. But hard work and dedication will always beat good genetics.



The negative is an important part of the exercise if you want to build muscle. First let’s see what is negative. Take biceps curl for example, when you get the weight up that’s the positive and when you are getting the weight down that’s called negative. And why is the ‘negative’ so important? Well, you have to think of the muscle as a rubber band, when you contract the rubber band nothing will really happen to it but when you start stretching, it will eventually break. So when doing any exercise you have to get a controlled negative, not just lift the weight and drop it.

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