Getting Ripped: How To Build More Muscle

Summer is coming and you have decided to add some muscle to your skinny frame. Of course, there is something bothering you: you are not quite sure where to start. Do not worry, it is not as difficult as it may seem, since you can make a noticeable change in no more than 30 days, which might be unbelievable at the moment, but it is absolutely true. In this article you will find many useful suggestions on how to improve your physique and add muscle mass to your body really quickly and easily.


As you probably already know, visiting the gym is a must if you are expecting to gain muscle. So, get ready for some serious exercises and tough workouts. It is great to be enthusiastic at this point, but you ought to remember not to let your enthusiasm ruin all the effort you have put into your workouts, meaning you should not push yourself to the limits and eventually get injured because of it. An injury would mean that all your efforts have been a pure waste of time and could become a true nightmare. For example, decreasing your rest time and messing around with your tempo can give some extremely amazing results at first, because your muscles would experience wild growth, but you are to take your time and not rush under any circumstances.

For instance, it is best to do different workouts each day, as well as scale your workouts: starting off with a light day, followed by a medium day, finishing with a heavy day and having a day off after the cycle is over. This way your body will get used to this kind of routine and will face it with ease. You also need to know that when your body is adapting to something, your muscle fibers are put to the test and it affects them positively. If you are wondering whether there are any specific exercises you should focus on, it would be an excellent idea to ask your trainer to recommend you the right ones good for your body type and your goals. Not every routine is suitable for everyone, however, there are some exercises that you can do any time, such as squats, chin-ups, bench presses and so on. Another extremely important thing is that you get at least 8 hours of sleep every day and try to get rid of as much stress from your life as you can, in order to make the effort work.


Naturally, your diet, too, is essential during the process of getting ripped, so make sure that you are eating healthy food. Whatever you do, do not avoid eating and do not eat a lot of preprocessed food, as it is generally unhealthy, and may hinder your weight loss goals. Remember, you do not want to shock your body, as this will have a negative effect, so keep eating the same amounts of food as before or, even better, eat more than you are currently taking in, because your body will need more carbs and proteins once you start exercising. They can be found in various types of food, such as fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. Make sure you eat a varied diet, consuming food from all groups, and balancing your nutrition. Also, you cannot expect a single dish to have all the nutrients your body needs to gain additional muscle in a short period of time, so it is a great idea to look into food supplements. I have personally been using Legion Recharge, a creatine based supplement, which provides an additional kick to my workouts, and helps boost my muscle gain, while also helping me recover from my workouts faster.

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