The ‘Backside’ of Every Successful Man

There’s stuff you are born with, then there’s that what you can work with. Here’s a plan to acquire the butt that will guarantee appreciation.

It’s time to train your attention away from abs and biceps to focus on an area that women focus their stare on more often than you think. Follow this step-by-step exercise plan if you want a head-turning lower body.

Male Butt

Incline Running

If you have been working on a flat surface, it’s time for a little change. Make your body work harder by either running up a slope in the outdoors or using the incline on a treadmill. The higher the incline, the harder your prat muscles work, as a result inducing a toning effect.

Incline Running

Jump Lunges

The jump lunge’s potential to craft a desirable butt has been underestimated. The normal lunge strengthens and sculpts specific muscle groups and leads to peak muscular contraction, but when you add jumps to the routine, you’re also upping your power, which makes the muscle fibers in the glute to contract.

Jump Lunges

Glute Ham Raise

It can be best done after the squats and it hits the entire posterior chain – gastrocs, hamstrings, glutes and lower back. You can perform glute-ham raise on the floor with the legs anchored at the ankles by a person or device or using a glute-ham raise machine at the gym. To hit the glute muscles harder, perform it with a plate weight across your chest.

Glute Ham Raise

Full Squats

It’s an excellent exercise to tone and tighten your prat. But make sure you squat as low to the ground as possible because as you go lower, the glutes become more stimulated.

(There are a few more reasons why you should be doing the squat – it helps maintain mobility and balance. It also helps us to jump higher and run faster, along with waste removal and  the fat burning process.)

Full Squats

Dead-lifts and Squats

As both dead-lifts and squats are demanding exercises, it’s wiser to perform them on alternate days, never together. You must ensure that you give enough recovery time to your body before you hit the gym again.


Endurance Walking Lunges

Do a set of walking lunges once you have wrapped up your lower body workout. This will help exhaust the glutes, especially when your quads and hamstrings are exhausted from the squats you have already done.

Barbell Walking Lunges


To get a sexy backside it is vital to consume high amount of proteins for the repair of muscle tissues that are wasted while exercising. It is recommended to consume at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight every day. Inquiring about protein supplements is advisable if you aren’t getting adequate nourishment, but make sure not to overdo its consumption.

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