Think Twice Before ‘Crash’ Landing the Aircraft of Health

You look at yourself in the mirror and see those ugly tires bulging out from the sides. You are distraught by the image and resolve to do something about it. You scour the internet for diet charts and plans and suddenly you think you’ve hit the jackpot — A Crash diet.Crash Diet

Stop right there. Memorize these pointers first:

It’s Intense

Now this new craze for crash diet might sound hip to many and the easiest way to get into the hot chick mold, but it certainly isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Since it is designed to achieve rapid weight loss, the amount of strain the body undergoes is enormous. If you have a history of weakness, deficiencies and an overall weakened immune system, then you might end up doing some serious damage.

That’s Okay but tell me the facts

Extremely low calorie intake is the basis of this fad diet technique, which has become quite the rage amongst girl’s aged 16-25. But, contrary to popular belief, this sort of diet involves downright lack of respect for the body’s nutritional concerns. It is neither healthy nor a profitable solution towards gaining a healthy body or a svelte figure. The reason being, that such a diet pattern slows down the body’s basal metabolic rate, resulting in the body trying to conserve every inch of calorie that it gets, which in turn makes the process of losing weight a whole lot difficult.

While you may get the initial high of successfully losing weight, the post diet plan weeks turn out to be disastrous, as the hunger pangs set in. Often people end up gaining more weight than what they started off with, and this is where the seeds of a vicious circle are sown.

Point taken- now throw some light on the maladies

Due to the aftershock that the body has to face because of the yo-yo diet, obesity is bound to raise its evil head. And with that, so do other ailments like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, premature death etc. to strike and knock you down. If you happen to belong to the working class then decreased productivity, absent mindedness etc. could come in between you and that impending appraisal. Such a low carb high protein diet may also cause dehydration, nausea and kidney problems.

Guide me for a healthy take-off

While the internet is a vast resource of knowledge, not everything that is displayed there is based on true facts. So, before you jump onto the bandwagon of diet-conscious people trying to mop up every piece of information that comes their way, it is wiser to consult a practicing dietitian. Not only will it help to get an informed opinion, but also chalk out a healthier way to reduce weight.

Last but not the least, if you ever happen to feel low and fed up of the weight loss regime, try and remember these golden words “A healthy outside starts from the inside”.

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