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Getting fit and staying that way is crucial to the way we feel and look but long-term health goals are even more important these days. With work stress and environmental health issues becoming more of a constant in our lives, fitness centers are something of a lifeline here in 2017 and beyond. Recently we have seen more of these facilities pop up in and around the city of Mumbai and it is somewhat refreshing to note that most of them are both well attended and overseen by excellent health fitness professionals. Fitness is an important part of our wellness and also the ability to stay healthy all year round. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the ten best fitness centers right here in Mumbai. If you haven’t yet managed to find the perfect one for you and your family, look no further because these are the best of the best!

Fitness Center

Powerhouse Gym

Known as the ‘Leader in Fitness’ amongst all Indian fitness centers and Gyms, this Mumbai facility has a brand and logo that is recognized almost everywhere you look. With excellently trained staff and fantastic equipment, it is no wonder that Powerhouse Gym is one of the most popular here in Mumbai. Membership fees are nice and reasonable and the facilities are never too crowded.

Tel : +91-2261229530

K 11 Fitness

The K11 Team are here to help you become the very best that you can possibly be. They recommend that you choose a personal trainer from the very beginning and this will allow you to train in the correct way until you reach your fitness goals. They are unique in that they offer fitness exams and these will enable you to track your levels all the way to the top.

Tel : +91-7666611011

48 Fitness

Located in the Andheri area of the city, 48 Fitness offer bespoke fitness solutions for their esteemed clients. We are all different and 48 Fitness understand that everyone has a different take on getting fit. So, if you would prefer to join a fitness center that has an individual take on your health, please do not hesitate to speak to 48 Fitness.

Tel : +91-2226364848

Five Fitness

These guys will usually help you to focus on your cardiovascular endurance and soon you will be far fitter than you imagined. Located in the DSK Tower Compound, Five Fitness have an excellent reputation here in Mumbai and also specialize in musculoskeletal strength and flexibility.

Tel : +91-2222153791

Waves Gym

Another excellent Andheri-based gym, Waves is all about making the most of its impressive 10,000 square feet of space. With internationally trained staff and a whole host of the latest and greatest fitness classes, Waves Gym is the first choice for hundreds of people here in Mumbai.

Tel : +91-2266787970

Be Fit Only Ladies Gym

If you are a lady and would prefer to work out with your girls, this is the place for you! Includes some excellent cardio training and some really challenging classes are also on offer. Bodybuilding and resistance training are also both on the fitness menu and is Mumbai based female fitness center has some very reasonable fees starting at around Rs 2000 per month.

Tel : +91-9820146813

Anytime Fitness

This well-known fitness centre brand has a very respectable establishment here in Mumbai and I another Andheri-based gym. Monthly membership starts at Rs 5000  and you get an awful lot for that premium. Open 24/7 and with excellent facilities, Anytime Fitness attracts those of us who thought we were just too busy for the gym.

Tel : +91-9004933112

The Pilates Studio

If the world of Pilates is new to you, why not pay this bespoke fitness center a visit soon? By embarking on a Pilates mission, your fitness and flexibility will soon be improving beyond your belief. Based in the Santacruz West area of the city, The Pilates Studio has some of the best-trained staff and courses in the whole of the country with very reasonable rates.

Tel : +91-9821154492

Elixir Gym

The Elixir Gym is possibly the only fitness center in Mumbai that has a fully functional swimming pool amongst its considerable facilities. If that wasn’t enough to convince you to come and join, there are also some very well equipped fitness areas and three-month membership costs only Rs 8550.

Tel : 91-226344334

Gold’s Gym

Our final Mumbai-based Fitness center needs no introduction because Golds is the best-known gym in the world. Here in Mumbai, the leading brand is well represented with top class facilities and some of the best trainers in India. With at least 4 branches in the city, you can literally pick and choose the one that suits your needs the best. We’d recommend the annual membership and before too long your body will be thanking you for making that choice.

Tel – +91 – 2224314016

We’ve given you the heads up on the best 10 fitness centers in Mumbai, all that you need to do is pick the one that you like the best!

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