Take Her Out On A Workout Date Worth Remembering This Valentine’s

Hello! Hello! It’s that time of the year again, super anticipated worldwide Valentine’s Day.


Do you have a girlfriend and are searching for ideas to do something different? You’re so done with all those cordially romantic dinners that will only prove to be a detriment to your waistline. Especially, after all the hard work that you’ve put in to achieve a new sexy body, and don’t feel like throwing it away.

Well, I’ve got an idea for you. Why not arrange a date that includes physical activity? No, you pervert, I am not talking about sex. What I mean is real fun activities. It’s risky I know, but an option that is surely worth exploring. Here are some things you can try.

Let’s ‘Kick’ it

Kick Boxing is one activity that is sure to get the adrenaline pumping. If your lady is miffed with you for some reason or the other, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. She gets to vent her anger out in the most ferocious manner possible. Looks like a difficult proposition eh? She might just land a few hefty blows, but don’t worry, once she mellows down, she is going to cuddle up and look after you like never before.

If all is well between you two, then both of you can indulge in harmless punching and counter punching to get some KINO going before the real action begins (hopefully) later in the night. In all of this, your health is the ultimate winner and so are you.

Dance Till You Drop

Dancing is not just an awesome alternative to the regular fat loss sessions, but also a great way to enthrall your date. So, instead of buying the lame lovie-dovie movie tickets, surprise her by enrolling your names in a dance class preferably a Twitch or a Salsa session.

It will ensure that the element of surprise that she so desperately yearned for comes true. Better still, prepare beforehand and show off some cool dance moves just to add the cherry on top. Not only will it sweep her off her feet (literally), but will most likely charge her up to keep shaking that booty long into the night (if you get my drift).


While the above 2 options are somewhat sane, the option of indoor rock climbing is rather trickier. Firstly, it requires your partner to be up for it mentally and secondly because it takes a lot more effort. Your girl has to be reasonably fit to attempt this.

But, if your girl is one of those tough cookies, go ahead surprise her with this plan of yours. Apart from the obvious workout benefits that you’ll get while climbing, the bonding factor will soar as you help each other out during the arduous climb. The feeling of euphoria after reaching the top is only going to add fuel to the fire.

So, dump the old school ways of romance and usher in a new & breathtaking way of celebrating this day of love. Vois aime tous.

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