Is Yoga A Double Barrel Gun?

It may be the irony of all ironies. The fact that yoga the greatest healer is talked about or even compared with a gruesome killer like double barrel gun is difficult for most to understand. But, we at Installing Muscles firmly believe that Yoga could actually be one. How and why will be answered shortly by stating several examples that’ll change the way you look at things.

Asana #1: Child Pose

We start with the simplest and most innocous looking asana amongst all, the Child Pose. Ideally performed as a cooling down exercise post a heavy workout, it is known to strengthen the lower back and tummy region.

Besides the outer benefits, it is also known to increase blood circulation to the heart and brain, paving the way for mood upliftment. Two benefits in one move, you now know where we are headed with the title.

Asana #2: Skull Shning Breathing Technique

 In yoga circles it is known as Kapalbhati Pranayama. Again, a technique which isn’t known to get you dripping in sweat, but highly effective. This breathing technique if done properly, can turn into a serious workout for your abs. Yes, you heard that right. Try it and you won’t be disappointed.

The internal organs, obviously get some serious bashing (in a good way). Detoxification is it’s main purpose. Apart from that rapid gains in metabolism is another upside.

Asana #3: Half Wheel Pose

The half wheel pose or ardh chakarasana is a renowned hip opener. So, if you desire better performance in bed, you know what to try. Apart from the unlocking of the hips, it strengthens the calf muscles, the glutes and the hamstrings all in one go.

This pose, however, does a fine job of activating the pituitary and thyroid glands, thus revving up the immunity system and doing away with any hormonal imbalance that may exist.

Asana #4: Bow Pose

Dhanurasana, as it is popularly known in the East is one pose that leaves no stone unturned. It’s speciality, stretching each and every muscle in the body, quite literally! Performing this asana will enable you to get those washboard abs, a flexible spine, toned butt, and most importantly in our view flexible shoulder joints.

 But, that’s not all, research also suggests that it enhances the working of white blood cells, thus improving overall immunity. The circulatory system  and digestive also reap rich rewards from this pose.

Asana #5: Sun Salutation

It is probably one of the very few exercise that claim to be an all body exercise. Some in the West, call it the advanced version of the pushup, but there is a lot more to it. Starting from the backward bend which strenghthens the back, to the low forward press which targets the hamstrings and also stimulates the thyroid gland, the intermediate camel pose which improves blood flow to the brain and tightens the hips.

The lowest point helps in strengthening the biceps and build strongs arms. While taking the motion forward a gush of energy courses through the body to the tip of the toe, if done properly. A good way to work up some sweat, indeed!

While we can go on and on with the number of asanas that tackle different aspects of the body both internal and external, it is safe to say that yoga has real killer instincts.  Instincts like that of the double barrel gun, which puts both the body’s internal and external problems to rest.

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