Are You Sure You’re Doing These Exercises Right?

It all starts with some basic exercises. To get the most out of these exercises, it’s important to pay attention to form and the range of motion. Everyone should be able to do these exercises as these are very beneficial and really work on the major muscle groups of your body. Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking it is, and it’s exactly what we have been doing since the start of our exercise training program. You really need to get the maximum out of these exercises, so grab a notepad and jot down the vital points listed below.

Exercise #1: Push-Ups

Common Mistake #1: One mistake people often make with push-ups is a lack of full range of motion through the entire movement. They either don’t go all the way to the ground, or don’t come all the way back up.

Common Mistake #2: Another mistake is to flare your elbows out instead of driving them back. This puts unnecessary strain on shoulders and won’t work out the muscle groups you should be targeting.

Common Mistake #3: The third common mistake is to snake” up, letting your quads and hips hit the floor before your chest.

Proper Technique: When done correctly, there should be a straight line from your feet to your head with your hands directly underneath your shoulders. Drive all the way down, keeping your elbows pointed toward your feet, and come back up.

Exercise #2: Pull-Ups

Common Mistake #1: One of the most common mistakes with pull-ups is not getting your head all the way over the bar. If you can’t do this yet, use a belt, or a machine to assist until you’re capable.

Common Mistake #2: Another mistake is not coming down far enough. You should come all the way down until you are hanging each time.

Proper Technique: To perform properly, start in a dead hang. Engage your lats, pulling yourself fully over the bar, and slowly descend until you are back in the starting position and repeat.

Exercise #3: Plank

Common Mistake #1: A common mistake with the plank is to let your back sag down, creating a curve with your body instead of a straight line. This won’t work your core like a plank should.

Common Mistake #2: Conversely, make sure you don’t let your hips stick up too high as this will create unnecessary tension in your shoulders.

Proper Technique: To perform the plank correctly, make sure there is a straight line from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes. Breathe slowly and steadily, and squeeze your inner thighs to help maintain the position.

Exercise #4: Military Press

Common Mistake #1: One mistake to avoid is trying to move the bar around your head instead of driving the bar up and down in a straight line.

Common Mistake #2: Make sure you aren’t pushing the bar outward at an angle from your face. This will cause shoulder tension that could lead to injury.

Common Mistake #3: Another mistake is to not fully extending the bar above your head. Your elbows should lock at the top of your head before you bring the bar back down.

Proper Technique: To perform properly, put your feet beneath your shoulders, lock your knees and squeeze your butt. Place your hands just outside of your shoulders, take a deep breath and push the bar directly up. Move your head out of the way and then lock your elbows.

Exercise #5: Squats

Common Mistake #1: The first mistake guys and girls make is to not descend so that the hip crease falls below the knee crease. This is only a partial squat – and not very effective.

Common Mistake #2: Another common mistake is letting your weight fall on the inside of your feet. This will cause your knees to buckle, and increases the chance of knee and hip injury.

Common Mistake #3: The third common mistake is to lock your knees but not stand up all the way at the top of the squat. This will create tension in your lower back and increase the chance of injury.

Proper Technique: To perform squat correctly, place your feet just outside of your shoulders with your toes pointed slightly outward. Send your hips back, transferring weight to your heels, and descend just past 90 degrees. Stand back up and lock out both of your knees and your hips.

Now, what are you waiting for? You’ve got the insider’s guide to perform these exercises correctly, so next time when you hit the gym, make sure you get the full range of motion with the proper form.

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